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Saint Tatiana of Rome, Virgin & Martyr

The Holy Virgin Martyr, Saint Tatiana of Rome was born into an illustrious family. Her father was elected as a consul of the Imperial Roman Empire three times. He, nevertheless, was secretly a Christian and raised his daughter to be devoted to God and the Church. When she reached the age of maturity, Tatiana chose to consecrate herself as a virgin, betrothing herself to Christ, the Divine Bridegroom.

Disdaining earthly riches, she sought instead the imperishable wealth of Heaven. She became a deaconess in one of the Roman Churches and served God in fasting and prayer, tending the sick and helping the needy.

When Rome was ruled by the sixteen-year-old Alexander Severus (222-235), all power was concentrated in the hands of the regent Ulpian, an evil enemy and persecutor of Christians. Christian blood flowed like water. Tatiana was also arrested, and they brought her into the temple of Apollo in an attempt to force her to offer sacrifice to the idol, which she refused to do.For thsi offense against the pagan gods of rome, The judge then condemned the young woman to first have both eyes gouged at and subsequently beheaded . Her father, likewise a deeply committed follower of Christ was also summarily condemned to be executed by means of depacitation for his Christian fait

The Relics of Saint Tatiana

The honorable head of the Holy Martyr Tatiana was first brought to Romania in 1204, when members of the ruling family (Asanestan dynasty) placed it in a church in Tarnovo (Bulgaria) and then in Bucovat Monastery (near Craiova). Later, however, in 1393, the head of the Saint was taken to a church in the town of Nicaea (where the First Ecumenical Council met in 325 A.D.), and then to Constantinople, and placed in the Church of the Holy Apostles.

All Saints Shrine, here at Livonia’s Sacred Heart Byzantine Catholic Church, is pleased to preserve a large bone relic of this great martyr (seen above), which was obtained through the kind assistance of the Russian Orthodox monks of Mount Athos, Greece.

Holy Martyr, Saint Tatiana, prayer to God for us.

The Importance of Saints

The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church"
~St. Tertullian